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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our Weekend Away

 Last weekend,  Hubby and I had a first. We decided to make a trip to Fayetteville to see a Hogs game. Just the two of us.

Hubby had found that tickets were pretty cheap online and bought a couple. He used some of his hotel points for a hotel. So apart from about $15 for the tickets, the only money we needed would be gas and eats. The last time we went anywhere, just the two of us, overnight was in China so we were looking forward to it not to mention that we would be going to the game.

Hubby told my mom how cheap they were and offered to get her some too when she seemed interested in going. So we left early Saturday (o'dark thirty early) to make our way there and when we got to Fayetteville, we met up with them before going in. Since we got the tickets at separate times, they weren't together but only a row apart. So we were fairly close and once people starting leaving at halftime, they moved on down to where we were (pretty much everyone around us was gone).

Why were they all leaving? Well, the match was pretty uneven. This was the final scoreboard.

And the weather was threatening rain the whole time plus a little chilly.

We waited it out though. I had never been to a live Razorbacks game and Hubby is a diehard fan. Mom and John waited it out too. By the time we started to talk about going ahead and leaving, there was only 3 minutes left in the game, so we figured we might as well stay for that. :)

Afterward we went to a local place for some dinner (Lucky Luke's I think it was called).

We had a great time. I felt a little sorry for the other team since they were so unevenly matched but for my first live game it was kind of cool to watch all the scoring. And I just felt a LITTLE sorry for the other team. :)

Chick will soon be 20 so I knew the kids would be fine at home. And, since it was supposed to rain all weekend, I figured they would probably be staying in as well. In fact, we all probably would have. Plus, I fixed them up with a box of 20 chicken tenders to reheat, cash to get something out if they wanted, and a redbox code to rent a movie. They were pretty happy campers.

The only thing I wasn't sure about was Rugrat. Sometimes, she can get in a mood -- a stubborn mood. But Hubby found a little toy at the store that we left on the counter to be used as a bribe. And she apparently earned it on Saturday. Sunday was a different story, largely due to the refusal to sleep after she went to bed on Saturday. I guess they should have held it until Sunday morning. She eventually chilled out after she got to Sunday school. So things weren't too bad since we got home that afternoon.

Hubby has already mentioned possibly doing that again later and at least one of the kids has said they'd rather stay home again. I guess that means it wasn't too traumatic for anyone. Even Rugrat seemed fine with it. Why would she be, as long as we ply her with new toys and cheeseburger kid's meals? :)

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