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Monday, September 29, 2014

Wildlife Expo

We tried out a new thing this past weekend -- the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo. Dude wasn't able to go since he was off on a Scout campout but the rest of us had a good time.

Rugrat especially seemed to enjoy it. Of course, that might have been because a whole lot of the activities were geared toward her age group.

But not EVERYTHING so we got to have some fun too.

It was a pretty big deal apparently because it was very well attended both by vendors and booth participants as well as attendees. And it was free. Can't ask for better than that.

Some of the things Rugrat enjoyed:

Making her own necklace with a piece of cactus as the centerpiece

Being shown how to tie a fish knot

Lots of bugs to look at...

and touch


And lots


of bugs

Fish too.

These paddlefish were pretty crazy looking!

There were lots of animals to see.


This was her first chance to do a rubbing and she seemed to like it while not necessarily understanding it.

There was a whole setup with aquariums and frogs, turtles, snakes, etc. I always get tickled here when people get so excited about seeing an alligator (which they had one young one of).

It's funny to me because alligators were just part of the landscape in South Carolina. Subdivisions that had a small pond would have signs telling everyone not to feed the alligators. You just expected to find them in ditches or small creeks too.

I can remember thinking that in South Carolina, you may get eaten on whether you're in the salt water or the fresh. It didn't quite seem fair.

So it always makes me laugh to hear people in Oklahoma get so excited about them.

We had hoped to get her signed up to make a birdhouse at one of the craft centers but they were out of spots for a few hours by the time we found them. I guess we'll have to look up some instructions or something to do it at home.

We spent a few hours there and had a pretty good time. The event was definitely a good discovery. I'm already looking forward to next years.

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