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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Passing It Down

Once upon a time, when Chick was about 2 or 3 years old, Granny and I were with her in JCPenney's in Little Rock, Arkansas. Christmas was coming up and Granny saw a shirt that she insisted she MUST buy.

It said, "Who needs Santa? I've got Grandma!" And buy it she did.

That little size 3T shirt has now officially been worn by all three of our children. Doing the math, it would be around 15 years old. It's still in good shape too. Who knows? Maybe their children will pass it around too.

There is another little item in our household that is like that. I recently lamented that we no longer had it so Rugrat could play it then Dude found it while cleaning up the desk he uses for school.

It is this game:

My Disney Kitchen. It is just a little CD-Rom game that lets you run around Minnie's kitchen doing things like making cakes, bacon, eggs, pancakes, emptying the fridge, moving around the dishes, etc.

We got it for Chick when she was fairly young -- maybe 6 -- and then Dude played it for a while too and enjoyed it.

Now Rugrat has discovered it.

I often hear at some point during the day -- "I play my game??"

And she's figuring it out a little at a time.

Initially, when we got it, it would pretty much take over the computer. Now, I don't even think the computer we have, even though it's actually pretty old for most now, labors over running it. Our technologies have come a long way. Which makes this sweet little game even better in my opinion.

I have to wonder what else will be passed down through all three of them. Somehow, I don't think the Cobalt will make it. But you never know.

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