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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Dress for Rugrat

I got the urge to sew last weekend but wasn't sure what to make. Then I happened upon this fabric a friend has passed on to me hiding away in my stash and I pulled out a pattern for a dress for Rugrat.

This fabric is particularly good for her because it is textured with little white polka dots. You can't really see them in the picture although if you clicked on it to enlarge you might be able too. She is very texture oriented so this gave her both visual and tactile delight.

I had used this pattern before. I made a dress for her using it on this post. I didn't even realize I had opened that pattern so I'm thinking it may get a lot of use. I have always liked simple lines and this style of dress, even for myself.

Rugrat was excited about it too. She asked repeatedly about getting to wear it Sunday... so much so that I sat down Saturday afternoon to hem it even though I probably should have been doing something else by then. And Sunday morning, she was asking for assurance that she'd get to wear it too.

I think she likes it.

By the way, I wanted to share this tip with any fellow sewers out there. My Aunt Diane told my mom and I about it and, frankly, it's pure genius!

This is one area I have had issues with and I know others have too. You wind a bobbin for a project and then have thread left on it.

You don't unwind the thread because you can use the bobbin again for the next time and it would be a waste of thread anyway. But laying them in a drawer or letting them accumulate somewhere just makes for a mess once you have more than one.

Ta Da!

These are those things you use to hold your toes apart when you paint your toenails. And look what they are a perfect fit for. This has been the best tip for me. I keep all those bobbins together and from unrolling now.

Love Love Love it!!! And it works like a charm. Plus you can get those at most dollar stores.

Works well and cheap -- my two favorite attributes.

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