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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

State Fair 2014

A week ago Friday, we decided to make our annual trip to the fair. Rugrat knows what the fair means and she was pumped to go.

As usual, she and I were the only ones with hand stamps so we could ride rides. Hubby has, frankly, wimped out on riding rides (although he did say he might get one next year) and the older two could take them or leave them. They usually desert us until it's time to eat so they can walk around and look at everything they want to.

That left Rugrat and I in kiddie ride world.

The reason Hubby said he might get a hand stamp next year was because I was lamenting that I didn't have anyone to ride the big kid rides with. 

Then he decided that Rugrat might like the Himalaya. I wasn't sure but I explained how it went and she said she wanted to try. She fit the height requirement as long as I was with her so we got in line. I kept a firm grip on her the whole time so she wouldn't slide around too much -- at least as much as I could going that fast.

As it sped up, she hung on tight to the bar but once it got as fast as it was going, she started laughing loudly. And she didn't stop.

She LOVED it! She even asked to go on again later. The second time she didn't even keep hold of the bar.

We decided to try a few other bigger rides with her -- the bumper cars

and one of my favorites: the scrambler. She loved the scrambler too (she called it the one with the pretty lights). We ended up riding it twice too. She laughed so hard on it that I was laughing as much at her reaction as I did at riding the ride. She even got to try a fun house (the one that ends with the big turning pipe which was fortunately off then) but not a scary one.  I was glad that Hubby convinced me to give her a trial on the bigger rides.

It was a good day, despite my misgivings because it had been raining earlier, and I was glad we went that day. The earlier rain and cooler weather had kept most of what would have been a Friday night crowd away so we only had to wait in a short line once or twice. The crowd was not overwhelming like it normally was in the evening.

And, of course, Dude got to try the bacon explosion sundae -- his weird fair food for the year. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

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