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Monday, October 31, 2016

Six Flags over Texas

Shortly before our anniversary, Hubby came across a deal on season passes at Six Flags. So, for our anniversary, he and I made a trip to go check it out.

On our way down, he planned a few other stops.

One was our first visit to an IKEA. I know, we are certainly the wild ones, aren't we.

Then, we headed on to Six Flags. It was an awful lot like when we were dating again.

At least it felt that way -- like we were on a date at the state fair or something except, you know, we went back to the same hotel room.

Rugrat has a thing about the statue of liberty so we took this picture for her.

It was their annual Halloween thing so they had a lot of that kind of stuff going on.

We had so much fun that we decided to take the kids down. So off we went again the weekend before Halloween.

Chick's favorite ride is the swings, always and forever.

Rugrat found her hero in one of the stores. Her love of Wonder Woman is solely the product of the old television series that MeTV shows every Saturday evening.

They both thought the Batmobile was pretty cool though.

Guess who turned out to be a roller coaster fiend.

This one especially (the Judge Roy or something like that) was her favorite. She asked to go on it more than once.

We had a great time and actually had planned to go again for their Christmas thing but our time was gone before we could.

I'm sure we'll be making use of them again in the near future though.

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