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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Virtual Tour -- the Upstairs

Recently, I started a virtual tour of our downstairs with every intention of sharing our upstairs as well.

I guess you guys know me by now, huh.

So I'm finally getting around to it I guess.

If you want to review (you know since the last one was like a billion years ago):

A Virtual Tour

Dining Room

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

Living Room

This one will be slightly shorter since you really don't want to venture into teenager rooms. But you can at least get the layout.

Climb the stairs with me, will you?

 Turn the landing, and......

you will come out right here -- at what is essentially the entrance to the game room.

You might even see a young man working busily at his school work when you stand right where Rugrat is standing.

This 'balcony' overlooks our front entrance foyer. The door there is the largest of the three upstairs bedrooms and therefore was quickly claimed by our eldest especially when she saw that it was separated by this:

This is the game room. It is probably the most popular spot in our home for anyone under 20. When our home group was here, the kids all eventually gravitated here. And we sort of set it up that way.

Their bathroom is the door right behind the game table there and beyond are the doors to Rugrat's and Dude's rooms.

Their bathroom:

and then Rugrat's room:

And that's pretty much it. We really love our new home, especially since it is about twice the square footage of our old house.

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