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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Gift Wrap Idea

I saw this recently in a Woman's Day magazine and thought what a cute and neat idea it was. I tore it right out of the magazine and have been rereading it since.

I definitely plan to try it out.

You can click on the picture to enlarge it and print it out.

The original blog they found it on is called Bugs and Fishes. She has a lot of ideas for the crafty and creative -- like this cool butterfly mobile and cute little butterfly brooches that I could see any girl going ga ga over. She has other giftwrap ideas too like this snowflake one.

The Woman's Day website has a video that shows how to make the pompoms. These are great for clothes, shoes, hair accessories and pretty much anything else you want to pom up.

Sorry for all the links. I just think these are too too adorable. Have fun.


Amanda said...

Last Christmas I saw a picture online of a sheep christmas ornament that was made from a pompom. The pompom was large and made a little loosely. You took black foam or felt and cut out a sheep face and hot glued it to the pompom. It was so cute!

Amanda said...

Oh, thanks for the link to the cooking site the other day. Love it! Here is a link to a cooking blog that a former youth group friend of mine writes. She has awesome recipes. They are full of gluten and chicken. sigh. But they are awesome.