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Thursday, August 6, 2009

P. B. & ...squirrel?

While visiting in Arkansas, my sister in law told us about a fun treat for your yard rodents. You take a can of peanut butter and saw off the bottom. Then you attach the lid to a tree and screw the now bottomless jar of peanut butter to it. I've heard of doing that on fence posts for deer but never for squirrels.

She said it was particularly funny when the jar got low because the squirrels had to crawl so far in to get to it. We decided to put one out for our little friends. And I got this video today of one making good use of it.

Just watch the little buggar...

He's already reaching pretty far up there. Can't wait to see it later on.

Until then, they really seem to be enjoying it. And for the first time, they don't seem as greedy. Usually, if I put out something for them, they scatter it all over and eat like maniacs. With this, they seem to get their nibbles and then head home.

Several squirrels found it a few days ago and passed the word. We had a few daily visits from hungry squirrels.

That also explains why just yesterday there were two cats staking out the bottom of the tree.

Guess we'll put it in the back yard next time.

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