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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

She's Just Taking It All In

It amazes me sometimes what knowledge Rugrat retains from our conversations or even offhand comments. She just soaks it all up. I was reminded of that recently when she brought up our little snow day from last week. This is a summary of our conversation (I don't remember it word for word):

Rugrat: Momma, snow all gone?
Me: Yes, the snow is all gone.
Rugrat: Snowman fall down.
Me: Yes, our snowman fell down. He's all gone too.
Rugrat: Snowman all gone. Snow all gone.
Me: That's right. It's all gone.
Rugrat: No yellow snow.
Me: (dramatic pause) What?
Rugrat: No yellow snow.
Me: No. We don't play with the yellow snow.
Rugrat: Doggie's snow.
Me: Yes, the doggie made that snow.
Rugrat: No yellow snow. Only white.
Me: Yes. We only play with the white snow.
Rugrat: (Nods her head and goes back to playing with her toy)

Yep. She's a sponge.

By the way, we refer to these kind of lessons as LIFE SKILLS in our house.

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