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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Memorial Day Weekend Was Definitely Memorable

As I mentioned, we had planned to go to Arkansas to see my family at Lake Ouachita for Memorial Day.

My mom and her husband have a small property there complete with party barge that we sometimes gather at. That was the plan for this long weekend. Then, on Thursday, this happened...

As my mother was leaving a theater, she missed a step and got up close and personal with the concrete. In the process, she managed to dislocate and break her wrist in four places -- not to mention severely bruising/scraping her knees, arms, and face.

She did a good enough job, in fact, that she got to be scheduled for surgery on her wrist on Saturday.

We told her we were still coming though and headed out on Friday afternoon. We made it in safely although not all of us were conscious when we got there...

 Honestly, I don't know how she gets in these positions. The child can sleep like a cat.

My mom's surgery went well although it was slightly more intensive than expected since we didn't know there were four breaks until then. He initially thought there were two. By the end of the day, she was talking as if she was going to go to the lake anyway.

The next day was when it hit her, I think. That was probably the worst day. But by the time we left on Monday afternoon, she had started feeling much better -- significantly so. I think having everything in place and stabilized made a huge difference once her arm got over being messed with so much.

I have no doubt that her biggest issue now will be boredom. She is an independent lady who can't drive right now and probably won't be doing any excessive walking anytime soon either.

Plus, she won't have these faces around to entertain her ...

 Okay. I guess she'll technically have one of them but he has to work.

She felt well enough though to join us and my brother and his wife for a goodbye ice cream before we headed back home.

It was memorable holiday (and a good visit) but I think everyone would agree that we prefer the boring old Memorial Days more.

P.S. Get better Mom.

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