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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Cool Trip to the Zoo

Hubby suggested that we make a trip to the zoo on Columbus Day yesterday. It was a beautiful day although it started a wee bit nippy so that is exactly what we decided to do. The older kids preferred to do schoolwork though so they stayed home and finished it. They have Friday off and I guess they preferred to keep the Friday rather than do work on that day.

I told Hubby on the way there that if we were just a bit closer to the zoo, I would probably use our season pass more frequently if only to visit their playground. During the day, it's usually fairly empty and it's pretty nice. But the hike there would probably not quite make it worthwhile. It's a 30 minute drive away.

As soon as we walked in the doors, Rugrat asked to see the bears. She wasn't disappointed.

In fact, most of the animals seemed to be out and roaming around in their enclosures.

A crisp, fall morning is apparently the time to come.

The baby elephant was out with his mom too. Often though Rugrat seemed as much excited about the animals as their enclosures. She's definitely a nature girl.

This peacock would have jumped into our arms if we had been willing to give it ALL of our duck food rather than just some. As it was, he came quite close.

 And, of course, we never miss out on visiting the petting zoo. (Who would miss a chance to pet smelly animals who couldn't care less if you're there and walk in their poop? Sorry. The petting zoo doesn't really do much for me personally. :) )

And you have to do the posing statues.

Our littlest cub ....

 Getting a bear massage...

One more hit at the playground stuff. We apparently can't go down slides without Mom.

She wanted to climb the rope ladder so Hubby helped her. And she did it. Can you see the terror on her face or is it just me?

But before trying the second rope ladder, she turned around and requested that I join her up there. Uh - huh.

It was a series of rope levels accessed by rope ladders and made for children that let out onto the walkway above (from which you could then walk over and slide down if you wished or walk down the stairs between them).

We explained that we were too big to come up there and after trying to wait patiently for a group of rowdy children on a field trip to get past, she was ready to come down. I literally had to step/push/shoulder my way in front of the line so I could get her down. [I miss my Faith Christian School kids.]

A quick lunch at McDonald's (don't judge - the two choices were McDonald's and Sonic and it was still a little nippy outside), which is usually nirvana for Rugrat, and we were headed home with a very sleepy child who was ready for her nap.

Actually, I was ready for mine too.

Not that I got one.

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