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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

 A couple of weeks ago, Hubby purchased a Groupon for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Besides getting in for $4.00 each, we figured it would make a fun excursion for us all. And we decided on Saturday to take advantage of it.

"Pumpkin Patches" rose in popularity shortly after Chick outgrew them really and so this was a fairly new experience for us. The only time I can ever remember going to any pumpkin patch type place is with a birthday party that Chick went to. So, I believe, of all of us, this was the first time for Hubby and Rugrat and only the second time for Chick and I.

Dude was camping out with Scouts so he didn't get to go with us (but he wasn't exactly pumped to go anyway).

Chester's had a petting zoo but not many of the animals were interested in our $1 cup of food since breakfast had been shortly before we got there.

This llama, though, decided he would bite the bullet and have a little.

While Rugrat had a horseback 'sit' shortly after joining our family at my cousin's house, this was her first official pony ride.

She kept assuring herself that "mama gotcha" but other than that had fun.

She seemed to really enjoy it and kept asking to go again. Unfortunately, there was only one per person (if the person was 75 lbs. or less) and we couldn't give her ours either.

I told her pony rides were fairly easy to come by at most carnivals and such so she would get to ride again.

We checked out a few other things, then hit the line for the hayride. While we were waiting, he shot off the 'pumpkin cannon,' a long (obviously homemade) pipe through which he shot a smallish pumpkin. And everyone cheered when it smashed to bits in one of the fields beyond the pond he shot it over.

The hayride took you to a 'corn' maze which Hubby decided was actually bamboo :)

It then ended at a little wooden maze that led to a giant slide and waiting area for the hayride going back.

Rugrat went down the slide once by herself then begged to go again with one of us. Guess who it was.

Chick did her best to get a picture of us coming down.

The slide started slow for about 12 inches and then sped up incredibly fast. I ended up on my bohonkus in the dirt despite the landing pad. And pretty much everyone else who went down it (kid or adult) did the same.

We made it back and decided it was time to do some pumpkin picking. So after this outlandish photo op...

we chose our pumpkin each.

 and headed for a lunch at Chik-Fil-A (again with coupons) and then a nap at home.

Mine was a little -- ahem -- longer than Rugrat's.

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