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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday's Menu

 I absolutely meant to post this on Monday.

This Sunday, our home group had our monthly fellowship. We decided the theme would be 'spooky food.' I jumped right in.

This pizza was made with the crust recipe here and the regular stuff. For the pepperoni topping, I got some deli pepperoni and cut out the skull shapes with a cookie cutter. If you do this make sure to go thin on the pepperoni. I got mine about 1/4 inch thick and it was rough.

I also made 'Six Feet Under' dip. It is simply layers of refried beans, taco meat, and colby-jack cheese put into an oven at 350 degrees until it is warmed through and the cheese is melted. While it is cooking, cut some tombstone shapes out of tortillas and throw them on some foil or a small pan in the oven for a few minutes until they are stiff enough to stand up in your dip.

Once that's done, you are supposed to put green onions on top for the grass. I wanted tomatoes so I put them on first then the green onions. It occurred to me later that some of the lettuce that comes shredded into strips would have worked better (and no one would have had bad breath).

I piped some sour cream ghosts on there but they started melting. If you want them, you might want to freeze them and them set them on.

The host did a pretty cool thing too. He made a meatloaf and shaped it into a hand/paw. He cut little chunks of onion for the fingernails and even had half an onion hanging out of the back of the 'arm' section (to be the bone). The whole thing rested in a pool of its own ketchup. It was pretty neat looking.

It's not too late to plan something fun for your Halloween dinner tomorrow night. Have fun with it. I enjoyed making my 'spooky food.'

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