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Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Past Weekend

 This past weekend, we went to Arkansas for this:

My Aunt Judy (technically Great Aunt although I've always called her Aunt) and Uncle Billy (same thing except with Uncle) celebrated 50 years together. My mom helped her children with the organizing. I guess I could say she pulled the 'mom card' and got me and my sister-in-law to come help.

But honestly, I always loved going to my Aunt's house and hanging out there. Her sons were among my cousin companions growing up and so I was tickled to be asked to help.

And it was beautiful. And sweet. And it made me a little weepy in parts.

But since we had the opportunity, I figured we might also be able to fulfill our regular Christmas tradition too.

You know, the one that was thrown awry by the massive dumping of snow at Christmas. And power outages everywhere. And more massive dumping of snow.

We usually visit my best friend's home while in Little Rock. She has been godmother to my children since Chick first made her appearance and nothing has changed since. Not even with the arrival of Dude or Rugrat or her marriage somewhere in between all three.

She always gets the three of them gifts. And they get her one as well. We used to get each other a gift too but we ended up deciding it was more fun to focus on the kids. Our gift is time spent together. :)

At some point, we usually get our annual picture of the kids with them too. So I harassed until I got them all in line for that too.

Yes, I know it's actually three months after Christmas but that's okay.

My mom also enjoyed our little "after-Christmas Christmas." We stayed with her this time since her husband was out of town (he arrived in time to go to church with us and enjoy a lunch before we left) and she was all alone (something that wasn't the case at Christmas). So she got her time in too.

About the only ones we didn't see much of was my brother and sister-in-law. They had just managed to get time off for the special day.

And, frankly, I wouldn't blame her too awful much if she had gotten enough of us for a while at Christmas. We were all stuck in the same house with no power for several days. Even someone as great as me could get on a person's nerves EVENTUALLY. (are you laughing?)

So it was a good trip. We enjoyed ourselves and made up for weather pitfalls in one fell swoop. Can't ask for more than that.

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