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Friday, May 3, 2013

Senior Pictures

We wanted to do some traditional senior pictures for Chick this year. Most of the studios/photographers I found were around $200 just for the sitting fee then you had buy the portraits, etc. We had both come to the conclusion that it was just gonna be expensive and we'd have to deal.

I have vague memories of being herded through the gym to a couple of different stations for our senior pictures. It wasn't exactly fun (except for getting out of class) but they turned out alright. Of course, a virtual school can't really set anything like that up. They may eventually come up with something but this is also the first class to graduate so they are concentrating on trying to get the basics down.

I had been looking for a while trying to find a photographer for Chick's senior pictures when I stumbled across a Groupon for JCPenney portrait studio. It included a cd with copyright authorization on 3 pictures. So we decided to do that and see how it went figuring we could always schedule something else at some point if we needed to.

Can I say that I was SOOO pleasantly surprised? By the end of it all, the Chick -- who hates taking pictures -- was actually having fun and laughing. The photographer took well over an hour with us and Chick was able to change clothes and do other things too.

I had asked and the photographer applied the normal cost of the 3 pic cd towards the cost of one with the whole session on it. We got out of there for slightly over $100. And I have lots of photos that I really like. With the copyright authorization to get them printed wherever I want.

I think I may check into just doing that when Dude's turn comes up. It just hadn't occurred to me to use a studio from a department store like that until I saw the Groupon. I'm really glad I saw it though.

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