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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Another Scout in our House

 In November, Rugrat began Girl Scouts. We felt like that might provide some socialization for her outside of her regular activities.

And she seems to really enjoy it. The first couple of meetings were mostly introductory stuff. It is a brand new troop and it took a while to get our bearings. The troop is a mixture of Daisy's (kindergarten and first grade) and Brownie's (2nd and 3rd).

The December meeting was the first that they actually got to look at a lesson, earn a badge, and do a craft:

This was our January meeting at what will probably be a more permanent location. We separated into Daisys and Brownies to work on level appropriate badges. Then at the end made little bead keychains.

Now we are coming into our first cookie season. This will be new for me. Hubby and Dude pretty much handled all his fundraising efforts although I took him out a few times. I'm not sure how I feel about a 7 year old doing the door to door thing so we'll probably rely on Hubby selling at work and doing group selling for the most part.

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