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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Repeated Exposures

Chick will be taking her ACT in April.



Now that I'm calm again...

Took all three kids to get a portrait done on Tuesday. That was not fun.

It was their first one since moving. I usually have them done at least once a year and had intended to have Rugrat's done a couple of months after we got to Oklahoma. I am ashamed to admit it didn't happen.

She loves taking pictures so I didn't think it would be a problem though. In Branson, she was fine for the most part and did pretty well. But after an hour, we had one (count them, one) decent picture and one more that would suffice if not for the first. The remaining 13 consisted of Chick and Dude holding a pose with Rugrat in various stages of denial or rebellion against the whole process.

She wasn't having it. No amount of begging, pleading, persuading, or stern insisting could make her comply. One snap of the camera and she was done. I did get some decent ones of Chick and Dude by themselves.

So I did what I did with the doctors. Made another appointment in a month for her by herself. Exposure seems to be the only cure. She'll have to go enough to see that it's no big deal and I'll talk it up until then.

Perhaps my favorite non-favorite is one of Rugrat and Chick looking at each other (nearly nose to nose) snapped when Chick was trying to convince her to cooperate.

I'll share them when I get my copies in.

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