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Friday, March 16, 2012

Pitiful and Sad

I was finally starting to get it figured out in South Carolina -- the whole vegetable gardening thing. You remember the pictures of my tomatoes going crazy right? So then we switch to a different environment (I hesitate to say climate but they are definitely different) and what few seedlings I started last year don't even try.

One problem I seem to have is where to start them. In my South Carolina home, the kitchen window was perfect. The sun poured directly onto the back of our house most of the day and so they got a nice diluted portion of it. What's more, it was a place where I worked frequently and I could check on them easily.

Trust me. I'm keeping my new kitchen. Love, love, love it! The seedlings can find a new place to grow. How about here?

I killed off most of the ones I started this year already because of my fear of the crazy weather. One minute it's 70 degrees and then it snows. From what I understand, this is abnormal weather so I'm hoping it won't happen next year. But you're never really sure if it's safe to put them outside yet.

Since purchasing a dining room table from Craigslist a month ago, Rugrat has been ever so excited to leave behind her high chair and sit in a big chair like everyone else. In fact, other than our friend's baby during their recent visit, it hasn't been occupied since we bought the table.

I'm sure the makers never envisioned these kind of babies enjoying it but why not? Nobody's using it and we aren't sure yet what we want to do with it. I can position it at the window without fear of the dog, cat, or humans messing with its contents. Works for me.

The reason it's so empty, other than my killing everything off, is that I finally put this together.

The kids got me a small raised garden kit for my birthday last year. When I got it, the weather was just starting to go nuts and I didn't have any seedlings to plant.

Plus, we have an irrigation system. So I didn't really know quite where to put it that wouldn't interfere. But I got it out yesterday and decided to give the only two surviving seedlings a fighting chance. And that is why it looks so pitiful and sad.

Don't worry though. I'm working on some friends for it. And if my tomatoes from before are any indication, they won't care if it snows anyway.

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