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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our First LTC

Our new congregation participates in the Leadership Training for Christ program for teens and pre-teens. It is similar to the Lads to Leaders program our congregation in Georgia was very big into. I think interest in it had begun to die out at our congregation in South Carolina but they had been involved as well.

It ends in a convention on Easter weekend where the kids compete in categories like puppet presentations, speech, Bible Bowl, Bible Quiz, poetry, scrapbooking, etc.

Chick and Dude were entered in several things. One of the ones they were most excited about was Drawing. They both completed a drawing based around the theme which we then framed and submitted.

Chick received a Silver medal for hers and Dude received a Gold. They were both involved in Bible Quiz too among other things. Chick was also in Chorus. They weren't the only ones though. Hubby was a judge in Speech.

Hubby and Chick were both excited to find out that there is a scholarship program associated with the convention. I think she plans to be working on that next year. They all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Unfortunately, the Rugrat and I got stuck at home with the dog (for whom we have not yet found a good kennel). We plan to go along next year. I'm sure a friend could have taken him for us but I only ask blood relatives to watch him. I figure they are required to keep a relationship with me no matter how awful he is.

It doesn't hurt that the convention is held in Rogers, AR either. In addition to being my home state, that particular city is home to my cousin and his sweet family. His daughter is just about the right age to receive Rugrat's outgrown things and they were happy to take her unused high chair off of our hands. So Hubby got to see them while Chick and Dude were at their events and pass it along.

So, I'm definitely looking forward to going next year. And now that we have an idea of what it's like, I'm sure it will be a little easier for us to be involved too.

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Lisa said...

LTC is the BEST thing going for teens. Our group in NM would drive for 8 hours to get to our Dallas location. (part of the fun....ha!) We loved it and the kids really miss it now that we're in WV. I think the closest one is in NC, but it's not a big deal out here. :( In Dallas alone, there were 3 locations. It's a great learning experience for them. It's where Austin REALLY learned to lead singing, and here he is at almost 19, still leading. :) SO glad you got to experience it.