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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Tomorrow is test day for Dude. We will be heading to Norman at 0'dark thirty (as a good friend always says) so that he can be there in plenty of time for the morning session.

It is always an all day event. The Rugrat and I run around and check out the local stores while he has the morning test(s) and then we all have lunch somewhere close by only to return him for the afternoon test(s). Thankfully, his is only on Wednesday this year.

The Chick on the other hand has two full days next week. Admittedly, one of them is 'make-up' because she didn't have a test score for that subject from South Carolina and she has surpassed that particular course at the level of courses she is in now so she won't be taking it in the remaining semesters she has. But that still would have meant a day and half of tests even without that one.

I'm okay with it. It is just a grueling day, keeping Rugrat (and myself) entertained for hours upon hours. And I try to look at it as a chance to take them out for lunch in a different area instead of focusing on how difficult it is for us.

Not that Chick or Dude are looking forward to it. Dude sees it as a distraction from getting his work done early. He is currently on track to have some very short days at the end of May. Chick just groans at the thought of standardized tests. Her word for them is "boring."

But it's all a part of school. And I'm kind of grateful that I don't have to deal with getting such tests done for them. In a tradition homeschool setting, you would have to work with your co-op to make sure they are done. This virtual school is public school so they deal with it all. That works for me.

It isn't a University Model school (which I think would be the perfect blend) but it's close.

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