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Thursday, May 10, 2012

That Kid Ain't Blind

When Rugrat was first put up for adoption, she was apparently listed as blind. Trust me. She isn't blind. Not even close.

What's more -- she is very alert (for lack of a better word) to all the details. Hubby and I have noticed this several times when she will point to and comment on something that we had completely passed over.

In a picture of her cousin, for instance, who is standing in a library type setting, she started commenting on the toilet when she would see the picture. At first we were flummoxed. What was she talking about?

Then we noticed that she would point to the upper right-hand side when she said it. Sure enough, in the background, there is an open door that is apparently a small restroom with a sink and, of course, a toilet. The room is darkened and hidden but she saw it.

Other times she comments on vehicles that are on the road with us, stoplights (informing of the color), things along the side of the road, things in pictures, books, on tv, etc. She finds things on the floor that we didn't see or flowers in the yard that blend in for us.

I am constantly amazed at her sight. It occurs to me at times that it is almost as if her aniridia has given a superhero power of sight. Or maybe just observation.

The doctor has said he doesn't feel it would be of benefit to do anything other than her glasses for the time being. And I agree. I really don't know how her sight could be better right now. She's already beating her dad and me.


EC said...

What an amazing little kid. She really does look at things, doesn't she. Really LOOK.

Born Blonde said...

She sees stuff that no one else in the house sees. I am constantly amazed at how observant she is. :)

Donna said...

I was always so frustrated at that blind diagnosis on her paperwork. It was so clearly wrong, and I know it meant she was passed over. But that part has a happy ending. Thanks for taking a chance on a "blind" little girl. :)