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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

 Last night was our congregation's egg hunt. Last year, Rugrat fell in love with the Easter bunny. She cried when she thought he had left and spent as much time as she could with him. This year she was a little more in control of her emotions. But she was still tickled to see him again.

After a little visit, she got ready for some egg hunting. We waited outside the fellowship hall with the other young children and their families.

She still isn't really all about egg hunting. She just doesn't have the cutthroat greed for eggs that is very much apparent in most of the other kids.

If I hadn't been urging her on, she wouldn't have gotten any eggs. She would have just stood there watching the other kids. As it was, I think she thought I was urging her to pick up eggs so I could take a photo. As soon as she picked one up and saw the flash, she would stop and look at me as if to say "now what would you like me to do?"

Between egg hunting and bible class, we got to see the big guy again. And she took advantage of the opportunity to give him a hug.

We did have a moment in the car after class when she asked if the bunny had gone home. She got a little weepy then. And again before bed when she asked if we would see the bunny again. I'm not sure why she is so taken with him.

I'm glad she's not scared but, for some reason, he has a special connection with her that other "mascot" type creatures don't. When we meet others at the fair or events, she never gets that attached. It's kind of funny actually.

If you'd like to check out her reaction last year, it's here.

And so our Easter holiday has begun.

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