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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Egg Hunt

Our congregation had their annual egg hunt last night before service. Rugrat got to participate again this year.
Last year, she only picked about four eggs but she was cool with that so we were too. This year she had it down a little better and had managed a few with some urging...

until another little boy came running over to kneel near her and started grabbing some. That was when she figured out that she didn't have time to just stand there and look at it.

And she went to work.
Her candy haul was slightly better after that. She still didn't have a loaded up basket by any means -- probably about 12 - 15 eggs -- but I would say that's about right. She likes candy but we'd prefer she not get too much of it; especially since we only dole out about 2 or 3 pieces at a time.

She also got to say hello to this guy again.

Last year, she wasn't so much afraid... just like, "this is really weird." This year, though, she had no problems with a giant bunny walking around our church building.

In fact, while we waited for the older kids to finish and hung out before class, she got quite upset because she thought he'd gone home. She was not just crying but weeping on my shoulder upset. And making enough noise doing it, that the friend who helped put everything together came over to ask what was wrong. I wondered if he thought she wanted some particular candy or something.

When we told him she was upset the bunny was gone, he grinned and told us he was just cooling off a little (which I understood since even I had gotten a little warm). She settled down some when she found out he was coming back.

I think he must have found out that she was upset because he gave her a lot of attention when he came back.

Not to mention getting a whole lot of hugs.

She was calm enough to accept that it was time to say goodbye and go to class after that.

But then as she thought about him again on the way home, she ended up crying because she missed him. And then again, before bed and during our bedtime ritual.

I'm not sure what was going on. Her little attachment was not something we were expecting at all. She finally seemed happy with a weepy prayer for him and knowing that we'll see him next year.

(I wish she would attach to the dog that way. She's still a little mean with him most times. And I'm sure he'd eat it up if she did. Maybe I should get him a vest and bowtie and see what happens.)

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EC said...

After reading the entry about E's first birthday party, I wanted to comment (but didn't make time) that I LOVE to read your stories and updates about her. It makes me want to write in my blog more frequently, but again, I just don't make the time.
This story made me laugh; E's Bunny infatuation sounded like Abigail's Santa crush.