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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dude's First Day of School

 Thursday began Dude's first day of school. Apparently most schools around here began on Thursday. Normally I have the opening shift on Thursdays but football practice guy asked me to switch with him again and take his afternoon shift that day so he could get there on time.

That actually worked out well for me since Dude had a few things to do that day. Chick had stayed the night so she wouldn't have to walk into her dorm in the dark so she wanted to pick up a few things from the store before heading back.

Just a tip here:  I was concerned that Chick didn't get all the "Be Aware" kind of stuff a person should know in those situations -- like don't walk down alleys after dark, don't accept a glass of anything from strange men, don't flash money around, etc. When I began to kind of explain some of these things at various times over the summer, I figured something out.

Chick is a big crime show addict. She loves the stuff. She buys seasons on dvd and watches them over and over, literally. Stuff like NCIS, Bones, Rizzoli and Isles (sp?), etc.

If you're concerned about your child going off to college and being too naive, all you need to do apparently is feed them a steady diet of those shows for a few months.

Chick laughed when I suggested that, as a result, she was going to be one of the most suspicious people on the entire campus. She already knew all those "don't's" and knew the why's too. Not nearly as concerned as I was.


In addition to the school stuff he had to do, Dude had been chosen to do the shopping for his patrol in the scout troop's camping trip that weekend.

So, while he was doing his orientation class, we three girls ran to pick up some sale items. We returned as he was finishing that up and then all four of us hit Aldi's so he could get what was on his list.

When we got back, he finished up the few school things he had to do which gave him a short day. After lunch, Chick headed back to her dorm.

After I got home from work, I pretty much crashed.

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