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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dude's Birthday

was last Wednesday. It was a somewhat welcome break from a pretty busy week.

Last Monday, after finally getting Chick moved in, I went to work in the afternoon until 6, planned to stop by the elementary school to get the required spirit shirt (on sale from 4-7), then head to Bunco which started at 7.

Hubby managed to get the shirt for me so I wouldn't have to worry about that. So I had about a half hour to get ready for Bunco. On the way to this unknown address my GPS ran out of battery power. I had plugged it in that morning not realizing the computer had to be running for it to charge and my less than 30 minutes just didn't give it enough oomph.

Hubby had the van so that he could cart Rugrat with him so I was driving his truck. Which is a stick shift.

Have you ever tried to drive a stick while holding a phone so that a teenaged boy can attempt to describe a google map?

It ain't pretty.

Tuesday, we had the elementary school open house at 5 and then scouts at 7. I had gotten begged to come in to work at 7 by a young man whose football practices had started unexpectedly. He had worked things around until he made it work for me even with the open house. I was kind of his last resort. And, as soon as it was over, he came back and took over the remainder of the shift at 9:30.

But, again, a rough evening.

Wednesday was more afternoon shifts. But, Chick decided to head home late morning, so I had time to run around with her beforehand. After work, I rushed home so that we could hit a restaurant of Dude's choosing then do gifts and 'cake.'

I have to say that I love this picture. One of the first things I realized when Rugrat came home to us was how great a big brother Dude was going to be. He just has a built-in talent for it. And I've decided he'll probably be a really great father one day too.

Dude's 'cake' request was cheesecake. Not exactly traditional, but that's okay. It was his birthday. So chocolate chip cheesecake complete with oreo crust (thanks Donna Laurie), it was.

And it didn't deter us at all from putting candles on it.


Going old school once I realize the lighter is out of juice.


Make a wish...

Not too shabby. And now I have a 15 year old.

Not too sure if I'm ready for another of my children driving (even if they are).

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