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Monday, August 19, 2013

Too Much Going On..

Last week was pretty rough.

It began a week ago last Saturday. That was officially "Move In" day for UCO. Chick is a dorm occupant now. We tried to convince her to wait until a weekday since everybody would be moving in then but she was excited and wanted to get started. And it was a total madhouse.

Plus we knew she was planning to go to church with us the next day for her friend's birthday and she would need to be back in the middle of the week for her brother's birthday.

Nonetheless, she picked up her key at the front desk and filled out her paperwork.Then we took her stuff up and helped her settle in a little. Later, we left her there with the car so she could participate in the nightly welcome event for that evening.

On Sunday, after hanging out with her friend after church, she ran home, grabbed some more stuff, and headed back up for that evening's event. Then came home again.

Finally, on Monday, Hubby took off work. And we took everything else in the van, including her. All of us being in the van (not including Dude and Rugrat) also meant we could pick up her parking sticker and apply it to the car before she drove back (along with the list of things she had forgotten in tow).

When she finally got it all organized like she liked it, this is what her half of the room looked like:

The perspective makes it look slightly larger than it is. Just out of sight at the other end of the desk is her roommate's bed. And two closets separated by a double dresser is all along the foot. I think she was standing in the door to take it.

So it took 3 days to get it all there. I won't think about how long it will take to get everything she accumulates between now and next summer home.

She did finally meet her roommate on Sunday. For a few weeks now, she has been texting back and forth with her roommate and seemed to get along with her pretty well. They even belong to the same church.

Only to find out on Friday night or Saturday morning that the girl was not her roommate after all. So this one was a complete surprise. They seemed to get along well too but we are finding that she is not at all as considerate of Chick as Chick has tried to be of her.

Chick had a test on Tuesday to CLEP Algebra which she ended up taking on two hours of sleep. After waiting until midnight to go to bed so the girl wouldn't have to come in in the dark, she gave up and went to bed. At 2 am, her roomie showed up and ended up waking her up.

Chick was so worked up about the test (and, like me at her age, doesn't do well going back to sleep after someone awakens her) that she was unable to get back to sleep. Fortunately, she still passed the test. In fact, if all goes well, with her CLEP credit, her concurrent course credits, and the ones she earns this semester, she should be a sophomore by Spring semester.

The roommate has been waking her up a lot coming in late and then sleeping past lunch. Even today, on the first day of classes, she is staying in bed to ditch her morning class.

And there are other issues too. Hopefully, she'll get herself together though. And maybe take a cue from Chick. I wish I had been as dedicated to my degree when I was in school.

On Wednesday last week, she headed home to celebrate Dude's birthday....

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