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Friday, September 20, 2013

School Days

We have been slowly getting adjusted to our school routine. It has taken a little work figuring out how we'll do things both on days when I am home all day and mornings when I work. I think we're slowly getting it worked out though.

It is definitely more difficult when Rugrat decides to be stubborn (which happens at least once a day) or isn't feeling well. I think she is still figuring out that we will be doing school whether she is in the mood to or not -- something I guess every kid has to find out.

Our 'classroom'

Phonics is still our biggest pain. Every day, I dread doing it -- even when I try really hard to be excited about it. Breaking it up into pieces seems to be the best strategy. Doing it in the morning helps to. That way she is still most likely to be in good spirits about it and we get it over with early.

Phonics lessons are supposed to take about 50 minutes. Ours average between an hour and a half and two hours. Every other lesson we do takes less time than their estimate (unless she is being really stubborn that day). Rugrat really is a smart cookie when she wants to be.

One of the things she got most excited about was a blow up globe they sent us. It is made like a beach ball only the design on the outside is a globe. When we first blew it up, I pointed to North America and told her that is where we live. Then I pointed to Asia and told her that was where she was born. From then on, she picked it up on a daily basis and pointed to those places to tell me where she lives and was born. Hubby had been out of town last week and when he got home, she made sure to show him too. He was suitably impressed -- especially considering that I only told her once (and then just confirmed it when she showed me during the week).

Here are some highlights from our first two weeks:

 Science is cool when you get to play with a magnifying glass.

 Looking in a mirror to make a self-portrait for Art.

Handwriting is the one I thought would be the hardest but it is probably her favorite subject.

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