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Friday, October 25, 2013

Down at the Pumpkin Patch

We had planned to go to the pumpkin patch with our co-op on Monday but then they changed the day to Tuesday because of the weather forecast.

I had to work on Tuesday so that was a 'no-go' for us. We weren't really getting a group rate or anything so I thought Rugrat and I might just head out there at the next opportunity. The coordinator had given us all a link to download a coupon towards our admission so I already had that.

Wednesday became our day. It was perfect weather for it. Sunny with a little breeze and a high of 74.

So we made the most of our little field trip.

Last year, she needed me walking beside her on the pony ride. But I convinced her that she was big enough to ride on her own. She was quite proud of her accomplishment there.

Feeding the animals was NOT her thing. She did not like their little tongues washing her hands.

I have to admit, they were about the most tongue-y goats I've ever met. The llamas, on the other hand, were quite neat. Like horses, they used their lips to get the food from our hands.

It didn't matter though. She did not like that experience at all. The only reason I got those pictures of her was because I convinced her to feed them so I could get a picture of it.

The giant slide was the thing she looked forward to. I still never convinced her to go down it by herself (hence the picture of the sign rather than of her actually sliding).

It took her approximately 30 seconds to choose her pumpkin. She is a pretty good decision maker, I guess. Once she makes up her mind about one, there's no convincing her otherwise.

I found mine shortly after that. It's there near her feet. So I guess I can't say much.

I asked Dude if he would like to join us but he said no thanks. He wasn't interested. I checked... three times. No thanks.

Oh well. Rugrat and I had fun. And I guess two pumpkins is plenty to decorate anyway.

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