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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rugrat's "Class" Party

 I mentioned last Friday that I had a little Valentine's Day 'class' party of sorts planned for Rugrat. Well she enjoyed herself quite a bit.

On Thursday, we put together her mailbox from a piece of red poster board. It wasn't neat. It wasn't measured out right. But she still thought it was pretty awesome. And, as my boss Holly said when I told her about it, glitter covers a lot of mistakes.

Even glitter whose glue ran a little because it was the thing was put together too quickly before it dried.

In a completely unusual and unprecedented turn of events, I had to run out Thursday night to complete my personal shopping as well as pick up some things. I now know why I have never done that before. It was an utter nightmare in the store.

I just always figured there were slim pickings by that time. I never dreamed that it was also a madhouse of people grabbing whatever they could get because they waited until the last moment.

I applaud myself doing much better in the years previous and will make sure to do everything early again next year. I certainly don't want a repeat of this year's waiting too late (not to mention the stress of waiting).

It did however give me a chance to grab a balloon to surprise Rugrat with the next morning.

It was waiting at her seat for her. And she was excited about that enough that I probably could have let it go there.

But we made that mailbox for a reason. She received about 40 valentines in the mail from the list we had signed up on. I stuck them in her mailbox when I got back from work before we started up our lessons again.

There were all sorts too because they came from different grades and included several handmade ones. I was actually getting tired of opening them by the time we got done.

We marked off on a map of the United States where each one came from. They were from all over although surprisingly the only one from Oklahoma was the one her older sister slipped in her box.

I had intended for her to decorate some heart shaped cookies. I made them Thursday night. But I never managed to get the frosting made before we had all eaten too many to bother making it for the remainder.

~By the way, proof positive that anything can be made with whole wheat flour and/or organic sugar and still be awesome yummy!~

I think she had a pretty memorable first Valentine's 'class' party -- even if every other person there was quite a bit older.

(And, after all, as a home schooling friend of mine likes to point out, schools tend to be the only places where people are forced to be in and interact only with their own age groups. Children who are schooled at home are usually able to interact and socialize with multiple age groups without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Something I've observed on my own as well.)

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