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Monday, April 27, 2015

New Family Member

On Friday, we added to our family. Meet Yogi -- although he went by another name when he joined us.  He is 3 and very sweet. He is probably the most mellow fellow I have ever met, in fact. His family had to move to another state and was only allowed to have one of their dogs. So they put him up for adoption.

He was so excited to meet Rocky but Rocky was not too sure about him. He has been steadfastly ignoring Yogi. Callista is just now beginning to decided he's not such a bad guy. He doesn't have a probably with either dogs or cats or pretty much anyone else.

For the first time, Rugrat even seems to be taken with him. She has told us multiple times that she likes his tail. It is quite different from Rocky's which was docked before we got him and just a little stub. She also loves that he will occasionally chase/run with her outside.

She was not a fan of Rocky when she joined us and we, in fact, had to teach her not to hit or kick him randomly. She always considered him a rival for her attention and only recently had begun to accept him and occasionally enjoy him.

It was still a shock when she told us recently that she wanted a puppy. That was good because we had been kind of looking already.

I think after Yogi gets past the change of scene and has his time of grieving done, he will be a great fit for our family. But he will need some time I think. He seems to have such a tender heart from what we have already seen that I'm sure he's missing the family he grew up with. Hopefully, we can soothe that some over the next weeks.

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