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Friday, May 24, 2013

Scholastic Book Fair

 A very good friend, who used to teach in an elementary school, introduced us to the Scholastic Warehouse (which happens to be down the road from us a bit). And it is awesome!

Primarily because it often has these big book sales where you can get books (and other things) for as much as 80 and 90 percent off. The big sale is at the end of the school year.  As in this week. So guess where we three girls went.

You have to have an invitation because it is intended for educators. But being a learning coach at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy qualifies me (and it's not like they're real strict about it anyway although they could be if they chose to).

Chick is all about these sales. She is a book hound.

So being allowed to wander around a book warehouse and choose anything you want for AT LEAST half off (and possibly more) is right up her alley.

Rugrat was done with it after a couple of aisles. Fortunately, it wasn't too long after that we found a collection of Curious George as well as a three-in-one Clifford book.

George is one of her new faves and Clifford has had a place in her heart since Kohl's offered his books on their $5 charity sale. That made her happy for a while.

I also found a few toys for 1 and 2 dollars that we can add to our Sharing and Caring ministry box. I picked up a few at the last one as well so we've got a good start for the Christmas toy drive along with the other things I've been finding on clearance racks and the like.

Then, as we were checking out, she got to meet a dear friend.

Chick took the pics... with my phone. So don't blame me.

Wednesday was a good day for us. And now Chick is already looking forward to the next one which won't be for several months.

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