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Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday's Menu

Last week, Rugrat announced that she wanted Broccoli Cheese soup for her meal. Each week, one of the kids is responsible for choosing a menu and then making that meal (with my help) for us on whatever day is least busy that week.

It teaches them to make a menu plan, budget and shop for the ingredients, and how to prepare it. They all understand how to incorporate ingredients/parts that will make a healthy meal. And they usually look forward to their turn. Not to mention that we've gotten to try some interesting things as a result too.

I had no problem with Rugrat's soup but I thought we might need something more. She couldn't name anything else she wanted to have with it though. Even after several days. So I suggested some sort of hot sandwich. She was good with that but wouldn't say anything more than ham when I asked what kind.

Not too long ago I was eating lunch with some ladies and one of them ordered a Cuban sandwich. I had no clue what that was although I guessed that it had some kind of ham. So I looked up a recipe.

Although we didn't put the condiments on automatically for everyone, they were pretty good. If you knew everyone liked the condiments, I would go for it. We just used some homemade rolls rather than the Cuban bread. I had no clue where to get Cuban bread or what it was. We also just heated the sandwiches in the oven.

I got the recipe here.

Original Cuban Sandwich (makes 1 sandwich)

1 loaf Cuban bread or sandwich roll
1 oz. mustard
4 dill pickles
5 slices ham
2 slices roast pork
1 slice Swiss cheese
1 oz. butter

Cut bread to 7 inches and slice open bread or sandwich roll. Spread mustard across top slice and place 4 pickles on top of mustard. Lay cheese on top of pickles. On bottom slice of bread, lay ham in folded slices. Place roast pork on top of ham. Put bread top and bottom together. Grill in sandwich grill or waffle iron after buttering breads. Grill until crispy and cheese is melted.

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