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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Leaky Thrones and Such

Several weeks ago, as I headed to the bedroom to put something away, I noticed a dark mark on our living room ceiling. I asked out loud -- more to myself than anyone in particular -- what it was exactly.

Our walls and ceilings have a textured appearance so I found myself moving back and forth in a sort of one-person-waltz trying to make the 'shadow' disappear. When it didn't, I asked the same question again, this time looking at Hubby. He came over to inspect, stepped up on the couch, and reaching up to touch it, promptly put his finger right into the ceiling.

It was a wet spot. A good and wet wet spot. It was only about the size of a golf ball but, in a two story house, that means trouble. Especially since the upstairs bathroom was directly over it.

After waiting for too long for the builder to respond, we finally had someone come today. One thing I've learned is that, while a building company may not think anything of making you wait, one call to the actual builder/plumber/ac guy/whatever will get things done quickly. The actual contracted companies consider their reps on the line (plus they probably know that having a wife that annoyed is no good for anyone).

The poor plumber has not yet figured out what happened exactly even after spending a good chunk of both his morning and his afternoon here. He has now replaced rings and flange -- and almost the whole toilet. He's pretty sure it's not the toilet though (and I agree on that one) but those other two were fine as well.

So he (and I) both think it's a simple matter of spacing. If you remember, Hubby and I tiled our master bath in our home in South Carolina. Then, when he had headed to Oklahoma already and I was getting the house ready to sell, I tiled the guest bath myself. All by myself (and that includes removing the old flooring myself). I figure I must have done a good job since the agent used the guest bath as a selling point too.

What I discovered in those adventures is that tile is taller than linoleum. Who'd a thunk it? So you have to buy an extra tall wax ring and then stack another regular one on top of it when you replace the toilet or you have leakage. That extra space that the tile lifts it off the floor is just enough to allow water to leak out.

Which is why the plumber replaced the rings. Plural. But I think maybe the flange must be sunk into the floor up there so it's not enough or something. Tomorrow, he's going to bring spacers. They go underneath the flange which raises it up and allows it to meet the toilet enough that it should close the gap.

If that doesn't work, he may go with a new toilet, I guess. Or I may suggest a third ring maybe. I'm not sure.

All I know is it won't end there. Because next, there will need to be tiles replaced where they had to be broken away in the bathroom. And this will have to be fixed...

Every day is an adventure around here.

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